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Washing machine maintenance to make your washer last longer

Washing machine maintenance tips will help you conduct standard washing machine / washer and dryer / tumble dryer maintenance procedures that will enable you increase the durability of your machine. It also helps reduce the number time you may potentially require washing machine repair or tumble dryer repair services


No one enjoys taking on more household chores, however washing machine and tumble dryer maintenance can reduce the number of times you may need to call in a washing machine and dryer repair technician. calling for a technician to fix your machine can be time and resource so, even if you have a great repair technician, you are better off conducting some periodic maintenance procedures to your washer and / or dryer. Although most repair companies can deliver services quickly and they aim to dispatch a technician quickly, you may still find yourself left with a batch of dirty laundry as you wait for parts on order. Most homes rely on their washing machines and tumble dryers dryer and have it running daily. Therefore, it is important that you keep your machines in good condition to prevent costly repairs and inconvenient downtime. Maintenance can also extend the lifespan of your washer and dryer increasing the life expectancy by upto 4 years extra. This will save you even more money in the long run. If you want to protect your investment and skip some repair bills, you should take note of these routine maintenance tasks.

washing machine maintenance in nairobi Kenya
washing machine maintenance in nairobi Kenya

Washing Machine Maintenance procedures after Each Cycle

A few minutes after each laundry wash cycle can provide an essential component of your maintenance schedule. You should clean out the dryer lint filter and wipe down the door seals to reduce smells and mildew that often builds up over time. Remove the clothes as soon as possible and keep the washer door partially open to encourage air circulation. Ensure that you are using the correct laundry detergent in the proper amounts. If you notice any suds remaining in the washer or your clothes have a grimy feel, you’ll need to reconsider your detergent.

  • Clean out the dryer lint filter
  • Wipe down the door seals to reduce mildew build up
  • Keep washer door open to allow for air circulation
  • Check for detergent residue remainder, clean it and ensure you use detergent that minimizes such incidences

Periodic Service of Washing Machine Maintenance and Dryer Maintenance

Make a note on your calendar to perform these basic maintenance jobs on your washer and dryer each month for the best machine performance. Inspect for damage on the washing machine hoses and dryer exhaust ducts. Do not ignore any cracks or tears, then have them replaced immediately. You should also clean the seals and drums with a 50/50 mix of water and vinegar. Wipe down the appliance exteriors with a clean cloth and make sure that there is no water pooled or accumulated in the laundry area. Also check your machine user manual for instructions on how to clean the drain pump filter on front loading washers.

  • Inspect for damage on the washing machine hoses and dryer exhaust ducts.
  • You should also clean the seals and drums with a mix of water and vinegar.
  • Clean the drain pump filter on front-load washers with the aid of the user manual

Yearly Maintenance tasks for your Washing Machine and Dryer

Most manufacturers recommend cleaning the lint filter on your dryer at least every year to prevent chemical buildup that could compromise air flow. This is also a good time to pull the appliances out and clean behind, around and below the washer and dryer.If possible remove and clean the dryer exhaust ducts. Clogged ducts are a leading cause of house fires, so if you don’t feel confident with this task call in an appliance repair expert.

  • Unplug appliances and clean behind and around them
  • Clean the lint filter at least once a year
  • Check for clogging in the ducts and pipes 

Safety Considerations when conducting Washing Machine Maintenance and Dryer maintenance procedures

There also are some safety considerations that can reduce the risk of washer and dryer repair issues developing.

You should avoid overloading your machines. It may be tempting to try and do a massive laundry load, but this can put additional strain on the appliance, and it is unlikely to save time or energy. A better idea is to do two smaller loads and avoid creating potential problems.

You should also try to avoid clutter on top or around your washer and dryer. Laundry areas can become a dumping ground for the whole family, but this can compromise airflow and create a hazard.

It is also a good idea to avoid running laundry loads when your sleeping or away from home. While this may seem like a time saver, it means that the appliance is left unattended for a long period, which can be problematic if an issue develops. Finally, ensure that you keep your owner’s manual handy. While you may have glanced at it when you purchased your appliance, this is actually an invaluable resource for maintenance, repairs, and advice.

If you’re having difficulties with your washer or dryer, you can rely on a professional appliance repair technician for an effective solution. For assistance with all your home appliance needs, be sure to speak to a professional appliance repair specialist.

  • Avoid washer overloading. Wash in manageable laundry quantities
  • Eliminate clutter and items from the top of the washer or around it to improve airflow and component protection
  • Do not leave the washer or dryer unattended for a long time in the name of multitasking



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